Team of the Year category enjoys sponsorship from Midrepro Ltd

Submitted by bairey on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 14:01

England women making it to the semi-finals of the World Cup, Liverpool winning the UEFA Champions League and England’s triumphant win over New Zealand in the recent Cricket World Cup are all clear showcases of the scorching action this summer’s sport has brought us.

There’s no doubt that sporting feats such as these bring a nation together as we all proudly relish in the successes of our teams and these recent examples have left a buzz that will resound across the country for a long time yet.

Regional sporting achievement undoubtedly has the same effect and is the reasoning behind the upcoming Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire Sports Awards.

The event, which lands at Edgbaston Cricket Ground on Thursday 24 October, will hone in on the achievements of local sportspeople across 13 different categories – one of which will draw out the West Midlands’ most inspirational teams. 

The Team of the Year award is currently open for nominations and encourages entries from teams of two or more who have achieved notable success on district, county, regional, national or international stages.

As well as championing traditional endeavours such as football, netball, rugby or cricket, the category is also an opportunity to bring to light the otherwise little-known sports that are making movements in the region.

The Birmingham, Coventry & Warwickshire Sports Awards is uniting the world of sport and business too thanks to the number of sponsors the event has garnered already.

Businesses such as Birmingham City University, Coventry Rugby, Elonex, Tela Technology Ltd and the Lord’s Taverners are among those that have stepped forwards and shown their support for one of the 13 categories.

Midrepro Limited has also thrown their hat into the ring and announced their sponsorship of the Team of the Year Award.

As sponsors the business, who supply and service copiers, scanners and printers for firms across the region, will be presenting the award to the category’s winner during the special ceremony.

Of their involvement the company’s Managing Director John Ison said:

“As a business which prospers from working as team, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes for a set of individuals to work as unit to not only achieve its goals but to excel.

“Every team is made up of unique individuals whose skills come together to make a powerful force and this is clear in both national teams and the ones closer to home.

“While the winning decision is out of our hands, we hope to see some stand-out characteristics in the team that takes home the trophy. They should demonstrate a team spirt that is unbreakable in the face of adversity, cohesion, unity and a respect for one another.”

Despite being a business working on behalf of other businesses, Midrepro is closely tied to the West Midlands’ sporting community already through the partnership it holds with local teams.

Coventry City Football Club, Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Club and the Coventry Rugby Football Club all benefit from having the business as an official sponsor.